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Ph.D., Clinical Psychology


Registered Master Hypnotist

Certified 5-PATH Hypnotherapist

Advanced 5-PATH Hypnotist

Certified 7th Path Self Hypnosis Teacher

Certified Past Life Regression Therapist

Certified to Conduct Online Sessions

Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists

"Your mind is the most powerful tool you have and hypnosis helps you make the most of it."

" Hypnosis is the tool that helps us bridge the gap between desire and result."

After receiving a Bachelors degrees in psychology from Hofstra University on Long Island, I started my Masters degree at the New School for Social Research in New York City.  Several years and hundreds of commuter hours later, I decided it was time to return west so I continued my Masters program in clinical psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego.  I finished my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at International College in Los Angeles. 

I studied with Alexander Lowen at the Bioenergetics Institute for four years.  Dr. Lowen was a student of Wilhelm Reich who was a student of Sigmund Freud.  Following that intensive tour of advanced training, I  opened a bodywork practice in San Diego. I truly believe that mind and body are one unit so by understanding both body and mind, I knew that I could help people become more deeply connected within themselves.

An opportunity surfaced to work with the San Diego Police Department and I began consulting with the Department's Shift Command Supervisors.  During the next three years, I worked with Supervisors to identify PTSD in street officers and make treatment recommendations.

In 1985, a friend of mine told me about a job opening in Colorado, a place I had always wanted to live.  After several interviews, I became the Director of Mental Health at the Buena Vista Correctional Facility in the mountains south of Denver.  Working in corrections gave me a first-hand opportunity to see what the institutional "revolving door" really looked like.  It was not impressive.


In 1986, a well-respected woman in the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division of the Colorado Department of Health in Denver asked me to open a needed addictions treatment center near Aspen. 


In 1993, I left Colorado to help family members in Arizona. While there, I was hired by the Arizona Supreme Court to create a judicial training program focusing on domestic violence education for Municipal and Superior Court judges. 


After the two-year project wrapped up, I returned to Colorado with new eyes and a briefcase full of knowledge. I opened a business consulting firm and mental health practice with locations in Boulder and Breckenridge. I wanted to make a difference for people using my new skills.  I also took up flying in Boulder and became a rotorcraft flight instructor, training students to become commercial helicopter pilots.  

While all of these experiences were very, very rich and exciting, something was missing.  Nothing seemed to fulfill me, but I couldn't quite put my finger on the missing pieces.

In 2006, I launched an astrology service to help business owners gain insight into the timing and life cycle of company expansions and transitions.  When I discovered how useful this was for businesses, I applied this methodology with individuals, helping them identify their life path and purpose. This really struck a chord with me and the people I interacted with.  I felt like I was getting closer to something.

Astrology also re-connected me with my roots of wanting to understand why people do what they do and to help them establish healthier patterns of behavior. Even more importantly, this was a step toward facilitating a more holistic and spiritually-oriented transformation for people.  

Back in 1985, I was faced with a choice of moving to Colorado or moving to Seattle.  I chose Colorado at that time, but when 30 years had elapsed, I decided it was time to explore the Pacific Northwest.

In 2015, I moved to Seattle and worked for Catholic Housing Services as a Mental Health Director, supervising housing, mental health and addictions treatment for dual-diagnosed women. I quickly realized that I needed to find a different paradigm for helping people regain their wholeness. Traditional modalities did not appear to work very well. 

I moved north to Bellingham, seeking a more meaningful, effective and spiritually-oriented way of connecting with people. This ultimately led me to hypnosis, which I had practiced in graduate school for sports performance enhancement. 

I realized that hypnosis had been calling to me for many years so I undertook my own hypnosis journey.  Within one month, I eliminated decades-old demons that I thought would haunt me forever. I was so blown away by my transformation in such a ridiculously short period of time, that I dedicated my career to helping others benefit from this amazing technology.  This was the missing piece!  


In 2018, I became nationally certified as a hypnotherapist and opened Northwest Hypnosis Center.  In 2019, I was honored to be rated as one of a handful of hypnotists in the country providing certified, online hypnotherapy.


Northwest Hypnosis Center is a place for you to transform your life quickly, effectively and permanently.  At ​Northwest Hypnosis Center,  you will experience competent, compassionate and customized care in order to help you eliminate unwanted behaviors. We offer you a unique blend of traditional experience combined with holistic care and spiritual integration. Hypnosis is the total package!

Hypnosis offers it all: results, short-term investment for long-term gain, insight, self-management skills, compassion, "why", self-confidence, new outlook, forgiveness of self and others and a GPS for wherever you want to go. 

When I was 14 or 15, I wanted to become a scientist and cure cancer. My desire to help others morphed into the idea of becoming a neurosurgeon. I had an unstoppable passion for wanting to know why people do what they do AND, help them do things differently instead of repeating  unwanted patterns. I also believed that the mind and body were inseparable so I realized that becoming a psychologist would be a better fit. 

In 1987, Roaring Fork Mental Health and Training Institute was born in Basalt, Colorado, with offices in Aspen, Carbondale and Glenwood.  We provided addiction treatment services and domestic violence perpetrator treatment.  I began to work with abuse survivors and learned about complex trauma. The survivors group grew together for 6 years.


Certified Hypnotherapist

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