55 Business Affirmations

1. Success and prosperity flow toward me in a river of abundance

2. I am grateful for this moment and find joy in all I do

3. I am worthy of true success

4. What I focus on grows and so I choose to focus on my business

5. The less I do, the more money I make

6. I am so blessed

7. My thoughts, plans and ideas are in alignment with my success

8. Opportunities and advantages reveal themselves with each door I open

9. I expect to be successful in everything I do

10. Success is my natural state of being

11. My state of being is “Fearless Expectancy” ©

12. I feel compelled to share my gifts as service to the world

13. I make a difference in this world

14. Any roadblocks are easily eliminated

15. My personality radiates with confidence, optimism and acceptance

16. I am successful when I help others

17. I attract lucrative, beneficial and enjoyable experiences

18. I have created the perfect business in which to express my authentic self

19. I love what I say and do

20. I am a magnet for success

21. I am healthy, wealthy and happy

22. I always find the pleasure in every situation

23. My thoughts create my reality

24. I am getting better and better everyday

25. I take bold action despite my fear

26. I am proud of all that I do

27. I demonstrate excellence in my actions

28. I am so grateful

29. My business is structured for growth and success

30. I easily focus on the next smallest step

31. I recognize stress as the voice of feedback, which I always heed

32. My mind is the true source of my power

33. I create daily opportunities for sharing

34. I attract ideal people because of my energy, purpose and passion

35. My business is an adventure in self-growth

36. I am a consistent networker

37. I trust myself, my talents and my instincts

38. I am unlimited

39. My income is always increasing

40. I accept myself and love myself

41. My actions are inspired by aligned thought

42. I am 100% committed to my growth and the growth of my business

43. I am always in the right place at the right time

44. I am unique and valuable

45. I am as wealthy as I choose to be

46. Creative ideas always flow through me and express themselves in just the right way

47. I make positive contributions to my fellow travelers

48. Successful people are attracted to me

49. I am open and receptive to all the abundance in the Universe

50. My financial abundance can be shared with everyone

51. I am destined to be prosperous and abundance

52. I easily move forward with confidence

53. I share my wealth and abundance with others

54. My business reflects the expansion of the Universe

55. I am grateful for my contributions to the Greater Good

Affirmations emanate from within

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