What About Remote Sessions?

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Remote sessions are part of our everyday life now, from telemedicine and telecoaching to yes, hypnosis.

I conduct my remote sessions via Zoom because it's a time-saver for me and easy for my clients. I love the comfort of my own office and clients are very appreciative of being in hypnosis in their favorite chair or couch with the temperature and lighting set to their preferences, wearing their weekend sweats or jeans in bare feet.

Before the advent of video sessions, I'd been offering phone sessions for therapy as well as astrology clients since 1993. It's a great way to stay connected to people and circumvent the commute and the cost factors and really reduces the "no-show" rate. There are many clients whom I've never met face to face and some whom I only see in person every few years or less and yet our good work continues. Changes still occur and transformation is evident.

In fact, I would like to share a very recent story with you of a client living in the Phoenix area. I call her Sue, but for confidentiality, that's not her real name. Sue posted the following on Facebook on March 10, 2019 following the completion of our Zoom-only sessions that began shortly after New Years:

"Something that many of you don't know is that for the past 6 weeks I've been on a journey. I began a journey into my subconscious to work on a couple of areas in my life I was not happy with. I did not travel alone in this, in fact, I'm so grateful to Northwest Hypnosis Center for guiding me on this enlightening path of self discovery.

The first relationship I worked on is my relationship with food and cravings. I have RELEASED food from being my best friend, my comfort and my go to. I've learned skills that will help me to make healthier choices now. I've also released my lifelong addiction to chocolate! Yes chocolate, those that know me, it's true!!! It's absolutely mind-blowing that I can easily and effortlessly say no thank you and move on without thinking about it for the next hour feeling deprived!

I've also been a lifelong procrastinator and I definitely am seeing a lot of results in that area as well. I might even file my taxes on time this year!

This last one is kind of a tough one to share but, it's part of my journey... Self confidence has never really been something I've had much of. It started way back in grade school and grew like a tumbleweed for many years. The hypnosis has really helped me to uncover some beliefs that were absolutely untrue that I held deeply for years. Not only did I uncover them, but I have completely eradicated them, gone, poof, I AM ENOUGH!

Like I said, I don't normally"bare all" in such a public way but I thought if it could help someone else who might be struggling with similar issues, or other any issues, that there is help! I have found hypnosis to be an AMAZING experience, really life changing!

Others have been on the journey of self awareness much longer than I have and I would like to thank a few people for sharing their story and making it "OK" to not be OK!

I am blessed to have many women in my life that inspire me and am beyond grateful to call them friends!" Phoenix Client

Does remote hypnosis work? Like magic! - Dr. Annie

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