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Updated: Sep 1, 2019

The most important feature when searching for a hypnotherapist is the method, not the pricing. You want assurances that the method will take care of your problem. Hourly rate hypnotists cannot always provide you with that assurance.

An hourly rate is often the cheapest price you can find. It is designed to gain your business but may not be sufficiently focused on your long-term results. A down and dirty fix will allow the problem to come back again and again until you fix the source of the problem.

You are flying blind with an hourly rate session. You have no idea if or when your issues will be corrected, especially if you don’t resolve the underlying problem. And the underlying problem is usually not obvious or not what you think.

However, when you select insight-based, multiple session hypnosis, (generally 4-6 sessions in 5 PATH Hypnosis), you can be confident that the underlying problem source will be identified, neutralized and eliminated. You feel confident and relieved.

By understanding what our potential client wants to work on, Northwest Hypnosis Center will have a solid handle on how to help and thus, be able to quote pricing. This is the purpose of a free, 30-45-minute complimentary consultation.

Here’s a great story about a down and dirty fix that didn’t…

Imagine that your furnace goes out during the wintertime. You want a knowledgeable and reliable repair-person to show up who knows about little issues as well as big ones. Maybe your furnace just had a worn-out fuse. That’s a quick fix, right? But maybe, the fuse blew because it’s being overloaded by a regulator that’s only working intermittently and when it stops working, it causes the system to blow fuses.

This exact situation happened to me several years ago and it dragged on for five, frustrating, disappointing, bitter months, throughout our coldest winter on record. I really love winters, but this was too much!

Sometimes, I’d come home and have no heat causing me to shift all my plans for the evening to ensure that the household and the animals would be safe. Sometimes I’d wake up in the early morning, freezing, because of no heat. I did not want to get out of bed and there was no way to get warm before getting ready for work. There was no predictability to this pattern and as a result, I was highly irritated and out of sorts and so was my entire household.

I found that my life revolved around creating new ways to keep warm and how to structure my evenings as if I would need to stay warm. I wondered if I could watch TV or do the extra dishes? Or was I going to be looking for the best place to make up a bed? Would it be upstairs or downstairs? Did I need to crawl through storage and find those old family blankets that had been packed away for years and smelled a little musty? Worse, did I need to go to a laundromat to use a commercial washer/dryer to handle cleaning something the size of my down comforter? I even crawled through storage one Saturday in the upper part of my garage, trying to locate my old sleeping bag.

Should I go to bed fully dressed? That was very uncomfortable. Did I need to lay out my warmest winter gear in case I woke up to a freezing house? Did I have to get up extra early just to get my body moving and get ready for my day? Did I need to move my plants to take advantage of daylight in order to stay warm enough throughout the day? Did I need to move them back, away from the windows overnight?

The condensation on the sliding door often turned icy overnight and sometimes in the morning, it was frozen shut and I was unable to open the door to let the animals out. These scenarios dragged on and on...

I declined making plans with friends because I was cranky, and I missed out on events that I otherwise would have attended because I had reverted to a survival orientation focused on heat. All of this happened because of a blown fuse or so I thought. How absurd, but how true.

I reached out to numerous repair companies, but most were too busy in the middle of winter to be bothered with a “simple” diagnostic problem. They just wanted to fix and go. All the other companies were too busy with “real” problems at commercial venues to be bothered with an unknown residential issue.

Finally, I got hold of a reliable repair company who was willing to investigate the system. They did not just recommend that I replace fuses. They agreed that the problem needed to be looked at more intelligently. It took me until springtime to find this company!

The repairman was willing to track down the issue to its source. He told me that I needed a new regulator (which thankfully arrived the next day) and when he installed it, the fix was immediate! Before that day, I never realized how much I enjoyed hearing the heater kick on.

Once the regulator was replaced, the fuses never went out again and I began to relax. I trusted that I would be warm and comfortable. I somehow felt safer in my own home. I stopped planning my life around how to stay warm. I stopped worrying about the “what if’s” and automatically started feeling good. I wasn’t crabby anymore and was willing to meet up with friends. I felt confident because I had gotten more sleep and now had more energy and a new routine. I felt free. I could make different choices. What a difference having a reliable furnace made in my life!

You can see from this true story, that once you have a reliably working subconscious (Err, furnace), problems clear up quickly and usually on their own. You can now shift your focus to what you want rather than what you don’t want. It’s a total game changer!

Imagine having more energy, thinking more clearly again, feeling good, feeling confident and having more time to spend on what’s important to you. Friends and family are usually happier too as they experience the new version of you.

That’s how the blown fuse led me to study hypnosis that works! It gets to the real problem and you get real solutions and results. The quality of your life depends upon it.

I’m grateful for 5 PATH® Hypnosis, which stands for 5 Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis. . I offer it to everyone!.

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