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Updated: Sep 1, 2019

After one session, my decades-long habit of negative self-talk vanished.

After that same session, my ever-constant shadow named anxiety, faded away.

After two sessions, I woke up on Thanksgiving morning 2018, completely unhooked from my lifelong addiction to sugar.

Here is my story in a nutshell:

My doctor says I am pre-diabetic, something that weighs very heavily on me.

He wanted me to undergo lab testing to see what my glucose numbers looked like since I told him that I was eliminating sugar from my life. We set up the tests for 30 days in the future to give my body a chance to clear out the sugar. I never did the labs because I was terrified of what the numbers would look like and of course, I was not able to eliminate the sugar as I had intended.

Sugar has always been my friend or so I thought. It was my companion, my go-to and my feel good. We all know how the cycle goes however, whether it is sugar, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, shopping or some other habit, a cycle is a cycle and what goes up must come down. Cycles do not fix themselves. They require a strategy smarter than that which created them. To see a cycle at work, all we have to do is check in with our New Year’s resolutions from year to year.

Leaving sugar behind always felt so empowering and hopeful for a while and in the end, so fateful. The sugar declared itself the winner every time despite my dedication, commitment, willpower and discipline, in spades. I have never felt more hopeless about anything in my life, having tried and failed consistently. As a child, I overcame tremendous odds; however, life without sugar seemed unfathomable. After a million excuses, a million more rationalizations and endless inner pep talks, the sugar always won.

The jeans and boots that I once wore so proudly to go dancing have long since gathered dust in the closet. Next to them hung another pair of jeans, a larger size and they too, have gathered dust and another pair, gathering dust… I refused to wear my jeans at all if I had to buy a larger size, so I stopped wearing my favorite article of clothing, just because I could not.

Family gatherings? “Oh my God”, not another round of family holiday pictures that I could not bear to look at. At some point, I stopped showing up for family gatherings, not because of the distance or the family members, but because I could not or would not have my picture taken.

I stopped dancing, which I used to live and breathe for and I stopped celebrating holidays. I stopped walking along the seashore. I did not welcome another dog into my life because I did not want to see my reflection while passing by a store window while out walking. Is that vanity? No, that is despair! I endured these losses because of sugar. It was so sad.

I used to be an athlete: a track star, a tennis player, a strength trainer at the San Diego Velodrome and an avid mountain biker; even a skateboarder. In Colorado, I rode my bike everywhere, across mountains and valleys, through the snow, the rain and the summer heat. I rode around town just to get my groceries and to be outside on my bike. I felt free and loved the wind, rain and snow on my face. I breathed in the pine trees, chased eagles and rolled around in the cool grass under a tree on a seriously hot day. Every scar on my legs tells of a great adventure story.

In the last few years, I retreated to yoga, a little Pilates, a treadmill and some exercise bands – everything that one can do inside, away from the observing and judgmental eyes of people. Sugar remained with me as my TV companion, my driving co-pilot and my dinner conversationalist, just as if it were my spouse.

My entire life had been insidiously morphing for years just outside of my peripheral vision (and control) and then suddenly, a lightning bolt struck, through the process of becoming a hypnotherapist. I chose to do my own hypnotherapy because I could easily see the power of hypnosis at work with others and I wanted that too!

After ONLY A SINGLE SESSION, my negative self-talk vanished and after ONLY TWO SESSIONS, MY ADDICTION TO SUGAR DIED! I cannot emphasize enough the overwhelming and completely unexpected results. Although I noted sugar elimination as a goal that I wanted to accomplish in hypnosis, it was merely lip service because I had long ago given up any hope of reclaiming my own life management and simply did not believe that it was possible. I surmised that it is only something that happens to other people on reality TV and even at that, it was not anything I could envision for myself.

Fast forward to Session #3, November 26, 2018.

I am now feeling empowered to manage my life and to make clear-headed decisions. I feel a sense of confidence in my ability to connect what I want, need and desire with the action necessary to accomplish it. Previously, it was only through self-sustaining will power and consistent uphill efforts, that I could even undertake a single hill climb before exhausting myself and still not achieving my goals.

BTW, I spent Thanksgiving Day volunteering at a food bank, scrubbing pots and pans. My station in the back of the warehouse was located right next to the table where volunteers were preparing desserts. For four hours, I stood next to dozens of pumpkin pies and apple pies. I wondered why I was not preoccupied with them, especially since people were carting off surplus boxes of food to take home for the weekend. I simply forgot about the pies and never had any. I forgot that I did not have any until retelling this story to my hypnotherapist, five days later.

Stay tuned for more updates as I discover the indescribable gifts that await me when experiencing hypnosis. - Annie

This can be you, too!

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